DTV-DIPLEXR1-09 SWM Compatible Diplexer
  • DTV-DIPLEXR1-09 SWM Diplexer Combines or Splits OTA and DirecTV Signals

DirecTV Satellite Receivers: DTV-DIPLEXR1-09 SWM Compatible Diplexer

DTV Diplexer is used to combine and separate broadband or antenna signal and SWM signals. It provides 60 dB of isolation of the 2.3 MHz SWM control signal from the “CATV+SWM” port to the CATV port. The DTV Diplexer Internally filters two frequency bands of CATV (7 to 40 MHz & 54 to 806 MHz) and three bands of DIRECTV; DC to 2.3 MHz, 475 to 625 MHz and 940 to 2150 MHz.

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SWM Compatible Diplexer