DV4 HD High Def Digital Signage System
  • Create a playlist and export it with ease to the VMC DV4 HD Digital Signage Solution
  • VMC DV4 HD Digital Signage Player is made with solid state circuitry for long life & dependability

Video Messenger: DV4 HD High Def Digital Signage System

The Video Messenger DV4 HD5 is powerful marketing and communications tool that lets you schedule and display high impact video, images and PowerPoint® presentations over local and remote television screens. Our manager software automatically scales raw images straight out of your digital camera. The software even automates the process of adding High Definition PowerPoint® slides, turning them into Jpg images for presentation.Display messages directly on your television screens or integrate the DV4 HD5 into your cable headend, satellite system or CCTV system. Simply add your media, create a playlist and export it to the DV4 HD5. Multiple DV4 HD5 units can now be centrally controlled using VMC's Upload Service. This service allows you to simply upload your playlists and media to a server. Your DV4 HD units will check into the server on a regular basis to automatically download any new presentations.