HDME102 Single Program HD Encoder / QAM Modulator
  • Zycast HDME 2 Series HD Encoder / QAM Modulator is available in 1, 2, or 4 programs

Zycast: HDME102 Single Program HD Encoder / QAM Modulator

Single, Dual & Quad Program Encoders with Internal Multiplexer / QAM Modulator

The HDME is a perfect solution for Small Cable Systems, Hotels, Motels, Sports Bars, Casinos, Restaurants, Gyms, Schools, Industrial or Commercial Applications and anywhere an A/V - Digital source needs to be added to a TV system.

The HDME Series Encoder / Modulators are high performance HD encoders with multiple outputs. They take an HDMI or Component input, encode it in MPEG2 or H.264 (MPEG4) with Dobly AC-3 audio encoding and then modulate these program(s) on a standard QAM channel. They also feature both an ASI output and an IP output which are active along with the QAM at the same time. The HDME102 will encode one program on a single QAM, the HDME202 will encode two programs on one QAM and the HDME402 will encode four programs on two QAM’s. Also featured is an EAS function with composite video input.