HDME804 8 Program HD Encoder / QAM Modulator
  • HDME804 8 channel HD encoder supports closed captioning
  • HDME804 8 channel HD encoder provides 4 QAM outputs

Zycast: HDME804 8 Program HD Encoder / QAM Modulator

The HDME804 encoder /Modulator takes 8 inputs in either component or HDMI encoded them in MPEG2 or MPEG4 and then modulates them on four QAM outputs (2 HD programs per QAM).

The HDME804 is the perfect solution for anywhere 8 programs need to be encoded and either modulated on QAM channels, multiplexed into an IP output transport stream or output on an ASI which the HDME804 does all at the same time. You can even mix programs in MPEG2 and MPEG4. Since the HDME804 does encode in H.264 (MPEG4) it is idea for IPTV systems where data rates are critical. The inputs to the HDME804 are Component via a DIN Breakout cable (provided) or via HDMI with embedded audio. This allows you to select what is best for your application and you can even mix the two as needed. In addition to a DIN breakout we also have a DIN to DIN cable for connecting to DSS receivers which makes wiring a snap!

The HDME804 features a unique wire management bracket on the rear to hold the HDMI and or DIN cable to prevent accidental disconnection and to keep the cable organized.