IncodeX Stream Live Streaming Encoder
  • IncodeX Stream encoder offers HD/SD-SDI and Composite Video Inputs
  • IncodeX Stream encoder has real time digital encoding hardware

Leightronix: IncodeX Stream Live Streaming Encoder

The IncodeX Stream™ encoder was designed for 24/7/365 unattended operation and provides superior quality H.264 video and audio encoding. It allows for multiple video input types, including HD/SD-SDI and composite, as well as embedded and unbalanced analog audio inputs.

Combine with the VieBit streaming service for an easy & affordable HD/SD live streaming solution

Deliver live programming to viewers around the world with this affordable, power-packed live streaming solution. Combining the ease-of-use of this LEIGHTRONIX-powered live streaming solution and the convenience of the Internet allows users to deliver video programming to viewers anywhere in the world on a scalable platform.

Simply connect the output from any compatible LEIGHTRONIX video server or live video/audio source to the IncodeX Stream™ and real time digital video encoding hardware creates a live, outbound video stream.

The IncodeX Stream directs its outbound stream to the world class VieBit™ streaming service for distribution of the live stream to thousands of viewers both locally and worldwide.