kyrion AM2102 H264 / MPEG2 Broadcast Encoder
  • AM2102 H264 Encoder offers full One-SEG support for ISDB-Tb

Ateme: kyrion AM2102 H264 / MPEG2 Broadcast Encoder

The ATEME Kyrion™ AM2102 is the High Video Quality, Multi-Channel H264 and MPEG2 encoder designed to address a broad range of Digital Television applications. Its state of the art encoding core allows bouquet aggregators, broadcasters and video service operators to save bandwidth and reach their audiences with a revolutionized picture quality.

The Kyrion AM2102 is based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM© compression engine that delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with ultra-low latency.

The Kyrion™ AM2102 comes also natively with advanced audio features (up to 8 stereo pairs per video channel) and optionally Dolby Digital (AC3) / Dolby Digital Plus (AC3+) and Dolby Digital-E support to cover any multi-language needs.

The Kyrion™ AM2102 front panel and web based user interface provide quick access to configuration menus and immediate settings ensuring a super-fast boot.