LABvault-HD High Definition Digital Video Player/Recorder
  • LABvault-HD digital video player/recorder has BNC-F HD/SD-SDI (SMPTE292M) video input and output
  • LABvault-HD digital video recorder/player offers simple push button operation

Leightronix: LABvault-HD High Definition Digital Video Player/Recorder

The LABvault-HD™ is a specialized digital video and audio recorder designed to assist users in easily capturing an event, process, procedure, or any other occurrence that requires high definition video documentation. With simple push button operation, users can create an indisputable, digital video and audio record with a digital media file that can be reviewed on a connected television monitor, archived on a network storage area, or transferred for display on a high-definition, broadcast video server such as the LEIGHTRONIX E-HD2™ and UltraNEXUS-HD™ or for Internet video-on-demand streaming using VieBit™.

High-Definition Video Capture for Review, Sharing, Archiving, and Playback
The LABvault-HD is the ideal recording solution when reliable video documentation is critical, such as during education/training reviews, litigious situations, employee interviews, laboratory processes, focus groups, surveys, and medical procedures.