LP-OLAR LaserPlus Advanced L-Band Receiver
  • Olson LP-OLAR LaserPlus Advanced L-Band Receiver has extended bandwidth to 4,000 MHz

Olson Technology: LP-OLAR LaserPlus Advanced L-Band Receiver

The Olson LaserPlus LP-OLAR Advanced L-Band receiver offers a feature-rich, versatile system in a compact rack-mount package.  The Advanced L-Band Receiver has been engineered to meet today's high performance standards for L-Band transport with an extreme bandwidth range that will allow the system to handle the next generation of satellite signals.  The Advanced L-Band system is ideal for a wide variety of communications applications, including L-Band satellite antenna remoting, trunking radio, telemetry tracking, and time and frequency reference distribution.  The extended frequency range to 4 GHz allows this system to accommodate additional transponders coinciding with common European satellite communications applications.

The enhanced bandwidth to 4 GHz is also unique in that it facilitates stacked LNB applications to accommodate additional transponders containing enhanced DBS programming services (e.g., HDTV, local channels, etc.) over single-mode fiber for DBS television distribution in campus, fiber-to-the-premise (FTTx), and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) environments. The receiver is offered with 75 ohm impedance using "F" connectors or 50 ohms with SMA connectors.  Optical connector options include SC/APC and FC/APC.

The standard PIN-detector receiver offers high sensitivity for a maximum optical link budget.  An optional APD detector increases optical sensitivity by 7dB.  Built-in test points, LED indicators and alarms allow the receiver to be easily set up and maintained.

The LP-OLAR Receiver is housed in a machined aluminum enclosure that fits the standard LaserPlus chassis allowing up to 14 or 15 modules in a 3RU space.  (The exact number is determined by the number of power supplies in the chassis, single or dual).

Model# Model Description Quantity  

LP-OLAR-X4000-75-FA L-Band RX 10MHz-4GHz

LaserPlus Advanced L-Band Receiver, 1270-1610nm, 75 Ohm, FC/APC

LP-OLAR-X4000-75-SA L-Band RX 10MHz-4GHz

LaserPlus Advanced L-Band Receiver, 1270-1610nm, 75 Ohm, FC/APC