LS 2150P Series Passive L-Band Splitters
  • LS2150P Passive Combiner's convenient, centralized rack mount design improves cable management

Quintech Electronics: LS 2150P Series Passive L-Band Splitters

The LS 2150 series of passive L-band (950-2150 MHz) splitters permit simple splitting of RF signals to multiple destinations. Configurations available from 2 to 64 ports, including dual and quad units. A variety of powering options and features are available. The passive splitters are power passing on port 1.

  • Passes power from IRD1 on port1 to LNP
  • Contains no active elements (amplifiers) to act as a single point of failure
  • Provides redundant LNB powering if adapter is used
  • Using A/C adapter allows for powering of LNB, even if IRD1 is turned off or fail
Model# Model Description Quantity  


1x4 Passive L-Band Splitter


1x8 Passive L-Band Splitter


1x12 Passive L-Band Splitter


1x16 Passive L-Band Splitter


1x24 Passive L-Band Splitter