MUX-2D-QAM 8 VSB/QAM Multiplexer
  • MUX-2D-QAM

Blonder Tongue: MUX-2D-QAM 8 VSB/QAM Multiplexer

Blonder Tongue's MUX-2D-QAM is designed to allow CATV operators to multiplex two digital channels received in either 8VSB or QAM format to a single QAM output channel for delivery over a standard coaxial distribution network.

It accepts up to two (2) 8VSB or clear QAM channels and aggregates them onto one QAM RF output in the 54-864 MHz range. The MUX-2D-QAM provides the capability to filter program streams and to assign major/minor or a single 4-digit channel number to each.

The MUX-2D-QAM also provides Emergency Alert System (EAS) program switching through ASI input and terminal block contacts. The EAS input source, which must be in ASI format, can be shared among multiple MUX-2D-QAM units by looping it from one to another unit without the need for external splitting and amplification.