NanoNode RFoG ONU
  • NanoNode RFoG ONU
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Titan Photonics: NanoNode RFoG ONU

The Titan NanoNodes are high quality, low cost RFoG ONUs that fully support FTTH/HFC services such as DAVIC, DOCSIS 1, 2, or 3, High definition video, etc. Fully SCTE compliant, Titan NanoNodes can be installed onto existing RFoG networks, or can be deployed on new PON networks with up to 64 splits! They are designed to one of the smallest footprints of any RFoG ONUs, operate on safe 12VDC power (either direct or via the COAX drop cable) and are constructed with 100% Industrial grade components allowing them to integrate in most FTTX network applications with ease. High performance, precision controlled burst mode lasers provide exceptional return path fidelity, while the low noise high sensitivity receiver sections operate well in even the highest loss RFoG networks. Electrical power present, loss of incoming optical power, and transmitter “ON” LED indicators make the Titan NanoNodes simple to install and troubleshoot. When you are adding onto an existing RFoG network or building new, the Titan NanoNodeisthe ideal RFoG ONU for your FTTH product offerings.