NXG-CCQD-24 NXG CableCARD Input Module
  • NXG-CCQD-24 provides CableCARD┬« compatibility with MediaCipher, PowerKey, and NDS

Blonder Tongue: NXG-CCQD-24 NXG CableCARD Input Module

The NXG-CCQD-24 (CableCARD® Input Module) is part of the Blonder Tongue NeXgen Gateway (NXG) platform that decrypts HD and SD programs from a Cable or Telco TV service provider.

The NXG-CCQD-24 input module includes multiple full-band-capture QAM tuners and supports up to four CableCARDs to provide ingest of up to twenty-four programs from the incoming cable system.

The NXG-CCQD-24 module is capable of tuning any twenty-four QAM channels from 54-1002 MHz, and will decrypt any MediaCipher, PowerKey, or NDS encryption, based upon the customer-installed CableCARDs.