Orion UltraVista 4K Video Wall Image Processor
  • Orion UltraVista 4K Video Wall Image Processor

Rose Electronics: Orion UltraVista 4K Video Wall Image Processor

The Rose Electronics UltraVista 4K is a state of the art video wall image processor that captures a 4K UHD input signal for output to four or more display monitors or video wall tiles.

The three different UltraVista 4K models are designed to support high-resolution video input from any of three video signal types: dual-link DVI, HDMI 1.4, or DisplayPort. Use of 4K UHD video input helps ensure crystal-clear HD output to four DVI or VGA displays.

The input image can be cropped to generate dynamic display visuals, and output signals can be manipulated in any desired manner, including splicing a portion of the image to an output signal, and moving or overlaying the output signals. Each display output can also be individually mirrored or rotated by 90°, 180° or 270° to generate a mix of portrait and landscape oriented displays.

Multiple UltraVista 4K units can be daisy chained to form a cascaded system utilizing eight, twelve or more display monitors. The cascade ports on each unit have an HDMI interface with frame locking to ensure perfect synchronization and optimal viewing of the video wall display.