Orion XTender Modular KVM Extender CATx & Fiber
  • Orion XTender 21 Card Chassis
  • Orion Xtender 2,4,6 Card Chassis

Rose Electronics: Orion XTender Modular KVM Extender CATx & Fiber

The modular design of the Orion XTender allows users to extend desktop control of remote computers or to relocate them in a secure and managed space away from desktop, control room, or hazardous environments.

Whether you need single, dual, or quad-head video displays with control from a USB or PS2 keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen, this modular and feature packed family can be configured to fit your needs.

Common applications include control rooms, broadcast studios, outside broadcast vans, concert and theatre venues, AV distribution, medical imaging, and other industrial/military applications.

Run them point to point or connect them to an Orion-X or Orion-XC switch. Now you can route your video, audio, and USB control to whatever destination desired. Your source and destination video format need not be the same.

A wide range of chassis sizes with provision for redundant power makes the Orion XT a versatile product. You can use the larger sizes where multiple sources are in the same location and use the smaller units to spread around your facility near the users.

Connection status LED’s are located on the front panel to indicate the operating status of the unit. The chassis are all rack mountable and all connectors are on the same side of the chassis for convenience and ease of access.

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Orion XTender

Modular KVM Extender CATx & Fiber