OTMN-III 4-Output Modular & Scaleable FTCC Optical Node
  • OTMN-III optical node provides 4 high level RF output ports

Olson Technology: OTMN-III 4-Output Modular & Scaleable FTCC Optical Node

The Olson Technology, Inc. MetroNode Model OTMN-III is a high performance, four output CATV optical node, offering the capability of greater than +48 dBmV output levels.  This node benefits the system operator by extending overall path length, maximizing equipment usage, and reducing the number of network elements.  Full RF output can be maintained with an optical input as low as -4 dBm.  With system performance to 1 GHZ, the MetroNode OTMN-III provides the ideal platform for support of the evolving technologies and services today's advanced HFC and PON networks.  MetroNode OTMN-III offers protection configurations which are ideal for critical analog and digital television, telephony, and data services.  Utilizing extensive modular design and easy in-field replacement, the MetroNode OTMN-III can meet any advanced broadband network equipment.