OTOT-1000-C-FF 1550nm 1GHZ Fiber Optic Transmitter
  • Low-Cost Direct Modulated (DM) ECL 1550nm analog optical transmitter

Olson Technology: OTOT-1000-C-FF 1550nm 1GHZ Fiber Optic Transmitter

The OTOT-1000 C-FF 1550 nm transmitter is for RF TV signal transmission using the 1550 nm wavelength. Model OTOT-1000C-FF 1550nm 1GHz Direct-modulation Optical Transmitter utilizes a directly-modulated (DM), high-quality, low-chirp, optically isolated DWDM laser with a single +8dBm or +10dBm optical output. A DM 1550nm transmitter, such as the OTOT-1000C-FF achieves a high level of performance, similar to that of EM sources (but at < 30% of the cost of comparable EM transmitters), making it an attractive choice for today’s FTTH and CATV deployments. The LaserLite Model OTOT-1000C-FF is the perfect companions to EDFA’s and optical receiver products from Olson Technology, Inc., like the OTEB-CO, OTEB-CL & OTEB-CW series EDFA's, the MetroNode Model OTMN-x and PremiseNode Model OTPN-x product families. It is also designed to operate seamlessly with EDFA's and optical receivers and/or nodes from most leading manufacturers. Note that only EDFA’s rated to operate with DM transmitters can be used.