OTOT-EM55X External Modulation 1550 nm CATV Optical Transmitter
  • Low-Cost externally modulated 1550 nm DFB laser CATV transmitter

Olson Technology: OTOT-EM55X External Modulation 1550 nm CATV Optical Transmitter

The Model OTOT-EM55X 1550nm Low-Cost Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter is a high performance, dual optical output transmitter for analog and digital CATV signals and digital data. A continuous-wave (CW), 1550nm low RIN, high power, DFB source laser is used in conjunction with a Mach-Zendher lithium niobate electro-optic modulator, where the light is intensity modulated by the RF input signal. This external modulation technique produces a very low chirp signal which allows robust, high quality 1550nm transmission over conventional 1310nm non-dispersion shifted fiber such as SMF-28. The OTOT-EM55X offers fixed SBS suppression of +16.5dBm and bandwidth from 48-870MHz.

When combined with EDFA optical amplifiers, such as the LaserLite Model OTEB-x or LaserPlus Model LP-OA-x, the Model OTOT-EM55X allows system operators to cost-effectively transport a full slate of wideband video and data services over very long distances, or alternatively allows them to distribute signals to many remote optical receiver/node locations, by utilizing the lower fiber attenuation characteristic of the 1550nm optical window. The Model OTOT-EM55X operates with optical receiver/node products, including MetroNode Model OTMN-x and PremiseNode Model OTPN-x product families, but is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical transmitters, receivers and nodes from most leading manufacturers.

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