• PDATSC-IP ATSC to IP streamer has two ASI inputs available for re-multiplexing

Pico Digital/ATX: PDATSC-IP ATSC to IP Streamer

The PDATSC-IP series ATSC 8VSB to IP streamer is an advanced ATSC receiver and re-multiplexer used in digital broadcasting headend systems. The unit is ideal for the for injection of local off air ATSC programming into local digital cable or IP headend systems, like Pico Digital’s market leading CONDOR system. The PDATSC-IP provides six ATSC tuners and two ASI inputs. Each tuner or ASI input is de-multiplexed and available to either of the two output multiplexes. Any input can be selected to be included in any output multiplex. The two output multiplexes are available on both ASI (two each) or IP.