PS8 Power Supply for Up To 8 Modules
  • PS8 Power Supply

Drake: PS8 Power Supply for Up To 8 Modules

Power for up to eight of Drake Digital modules is provided by the PS8 power supply.

In addition to the PS8 power supply, up to 12 Drake Digital modules may be accommodated by the DRMM12 rack enclosure. The completed assembly occupies two rack units high in a standard 19 inch rack.

The PS8 Power Supply supplies the +5 VDC & +12 VDC required by the Digital Modules. Using appropriate, customer supplied adapters, the PS8 will also power other DRAKE analog Mini-rack System modules sharing the same rack. These include a demodulator, both fixed and agile modulators and stereo modulation modules.

The DRMM4 Rack Enclosure with power supply is also available for housing and powering up to four single width modules. Typically, this rack is used with the DDC806 and DUC550 or DUC860 converters to create a simple and inexpensive hetrodyne channel processor for digital television signals.