QMOD-HDMI 2 HDTV Modulator/IPTV Encoder
  • QMOD-HDMI 2 modulator has one composite/CC video input for encoding or captioning
  • QMOD-HDMI 2 modulator has 2 HDMI inputs

Contemporary Research: QMOD-HDMI 2 HDTV Modulator/IPTV Encoder

The dual-channel QMOD-HDMI 2, with two non-encrypted HDMI inputs, sets a new standard for sports, motion and digital signage encoding. Dual hardware scalers accept content up to 1080p, shapes digital signage for edge-to-edge presentation, and compensates for non-broadcast and PAL refresh rates. Able to deliver two HD programs in one channel, the QMOD-HDMI 2 can also output the content as an IPTV stream. Options include dual-language SAP audio, easy front-panel setup and alternate audio and NTSC video inputs. Web setup, monitoring, and firmware updates are available via USB and Ethernet ports. Two-across mounting offers up to four programs per rack space, with the ability to mix models to handle HDMI, SDI, Component, RGBHV and NTSC video sources.