SCMA-Ub Single Channel UHF Preamplifiers (DISCONTINUED 10/2020)
  • SCMA-Ub

Blonder Tongue: SCMA-Ub Single Channel UHF Preamplifiers (DISCONTINUED 10/2020)


Blonder Tongue's SCMA Single Channel Preamplifier Series includes professional quality, very low noise, single channel UHF preamplifiers. These units have an all solid-state design utilizing two ‘field-effect transistors’ (FETs). These devices provide a guaranteed very-high signal-to-noise ratio. The actual noise figure of each individual unit is stamped on the case. The SCMA-Ub is optimized for a single UHF channel. These preamplifiers can accept a wide range of input signal levels and offer excellent gain, making these units ideal for difficult signal areas. Additionally, these preamplifiers have exceptional immunity to overloads caused by strong adjacent channel signals. The SCMA-Ub can also be ordered with an optional factory tuned internal trap to prevent overload or intermodulation problems from strong, local channels without significant noise figure degradation. A 20 dB backmatched test port is supplied, permitting the unit’s performance to be monitored without interrupting service.