SDI2X Compact SDI/IP Gateway
  • SDI2X SDI/IP Gateway & JPEG2000 Encoder Decoder offers camera integration and backhaul

Sencore: SDI2X Compact SDI/IP Gateway

Bridge the gap between baseband SDI infrastructure to the latest high-speed uncompressed IP networks.
Utilizing SMPTE 2110 and SMPTE 2022-6 the SDI2X provides an easy-to-use, robust turnaround platform for transmitting and receiving uncompressed IP. Two form factors allow the SDI2X to be deployed in a variety of applications.
The standalone box features a compact, mobile design with a fully functional front panel and HDMI output. An openGear® card is also available for high density applications with up to 40 gateways per 2RU. Each SDI2X supports up to 4 channels of SDI <-> IP turnaround with each channel containing video, 16 channels of audio and transparent VANC support. SMPTE 2022-7 can be used for hitless input and output redundancy. PTP synchronization is available to ensure the SDI2X is full compatible in SMPTE 2110 networks. Create a seamless workflow utilizing the latest technologies with the Sencore SDI2X.
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Compact SDI/IP Gateway & JPEG 2000 Encoder/Decoder