T9261-D OTT Streaming Media Decoder
  • T9261-D supports streaming via Gigabit Ethernet, optional mPCIe WiFi or LTE interfaces.

T21: T9261-D OTT Streaming Media Decoder

The T9261-D is an industry-leading live OTT streaming media decoder that supports Ultra High Definition (UHD) 2160P HEVC , 1080P AVC and 1080i MPEG2. 1 IP streaming protocol support includes source specific UDP/RTP with IGMP v3, SRT, Zixi, RTMP, RTSP, HLS, DASH, TCP with file capture and playback from disk. Network Protocol Translation provides input to output translation from one protocol to the other.

Boasting two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports, the T9261-D is ideal for use across private and public networks. Network security is a priority at T-21. All T-21 devices include the latest network security patches, HTTPS web server plus user options to disable SSH, SAMBA and PING. OpenVPN is included and can be used without the need for an optional VPN appliance. T-21 offers ongoing patches that include network security updates with new firmware features included for a modestly priced SLA2.

The T9261-D is designed for broadcast and professional decoding. The video interfaces include two mirrored 3G HD-SDI outputs on HDBNC and one HDMI 1.4 output. Optimized to decode very high bit-rate 2160P Ultra High Definition (UHD) bitstreams, the T9261-D decodes 1080P AVC (H264), 1080i MPEG 2 with optional support for 2160P HEVC (H.265). Ancillary data support for closed captions with OSD open captions and SDI embedding is a standard feature.

Audio decode support for up to four PIDs or 8-channels . Audio CODEC support includes MPEG 3 Layer 1/2/3, AAC-LC/HE with optional Dolby Digital decode with passthrough to HDMI and HD-SDI embedding.

Managing and monitoring the T9261-D is facilitated via the Web Server, SNMP and REST APIs.

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Ultra-HD HEVC, 1080P AVC, 1080i MPEG2 Decoder