TBLE-1035-42 TBLE 2 Way Broadband Line Extender
  • Toner Cable TBLE-1035-42 TBLE 2 Way Broadband Line Extender

Toner Cable: TBLE-1035-42 TBLE 2 Way Broadband Line Extender

The Toner TBLE-1035-42 Line Extender amplifier is the latest addition to the Toner Line of distribution amplifiers. The TBLE-1035-42 features high performance GaAs-Hybrid for improved performance and better distortion characteristics. The amplifier is built in a die cast Aluminum outdoor housing that has integral neoprene rubber weather gasket and a stainless steel mesh RFI gasket. The housing features an automatic switching mode power supply for line powering in the 30 to 90 VAC range.  The amplifier features a 20 dB gain reverse amplifier for use in 2 way systems and can be ordered with one of 3 standard sub splits, 42/54 MHz, 55/70 MHz and 65/80 MHz. The diplex filters are the plug in type for easy field changes or repairs. 

The amplifier is designed for flat operational gain at 35 dB with a reverse operational gain of 20 dB while providing superior performance. The forward bandwidth has an input equalizer along with plug in interstage equalization and plug in pads for level control.  The reverse has post stage plug-in equalizer, a fixed plug in pad and 20 dB gain control. The plug in pads and EQ’s are industry standard and compatible with Olson & Arris distribution amplifier accessories.