TGT12 12 Port 1 GHz Taps
  • Toner Cable TGT12 12 Port 1 GHz Taps

Toner Cable: TGT12 12 Port 1 GHz Taps

These multiport, indoor/outdoor directional coupled taps are the most recent state of the art design, and feature our patented circuit design and surface mount technology.  These taps feature our unique dual tongue and groove cover installation to maintain better than -100 dB RFI integrity which minimizes or eliminates RF ingress or leakage. The housings are then further epoxy sealed to prevent any moisture absorption. The housings are zinc diecast with Tin Nickel plating for superior corrosion protection.

Available in 2, 4, and 8 port configurations with standard 3 dB tap value spacing for optimum system design. The 2 and 4 port models both use a small 1 3/4 '' x 1 3/4 '' housing and the 8 port model uses a 1 3/4 '' x 3 7/8 '' housing. These small sizes allow the taps to be installed in the tightest of locations. Each housing incorporates integral mounting slots and ground blocks for convenience. The taps have “F” ports for input and output, as well as for the tap ports. Tap ports are on 7/8 '' centers to allow for trap and filter installation.

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TGT 12 Port 1 GHz Taps