TIN40R-1000 2-Way Indoor Optical Node
  • TIN40R-1000 Optical Node Receive Only

Toner Cable: TIN40R-1000 2-Way Indoor Optical Node

The TIN40R-1000 is a 1310 nm two-way fiber optic node for CATV, SMATV, FTTx, MDU, or private business applications. The TIN40R-1000 has a wide optical input bandwidth range from 1200 to 1600 nm making it ideal for either 1310 nm or 1550 nm systems. The fiber optic receiver has an AGC circuit to maintain an RF output over a -8 to +4 dB optical input level. The high RF output level of 40 dBmV eliminates the need for a separate RF amplifier for distribution. A 0-18dB gain control makes system balancing easy without external pads. The GaAs E-pHEMT push-pull hybrid provides superior performance with low distortions. With a 2 Mw DFB reverse band optical laser, the node is ideal for 2 way systems where reverse channels or modem data is present. The node uses an external 12VDC power supply (included) which can be connected directly or diplexed on the RF output cable for remote powering. The optical input is a SC/APC connector and features a multicolor LED for input level reference. Also featured is an internal LED display showing optical levels.