TXMT102-* Total Tap, 2 Port Tap Plate
  • Toner Cable TXMT102-* Total Tap, 2 Port Tap Plate, 23 db
  • TXMT102 2 port, 26 db, Total Tap, Toner Cable
  • TXMT102 Rear View, Total Tap, Toner Cable

Toner Cable: TXMT102-* Total Tap, 2 Port Tap Plate

Total Tap 2 Port Tap plate

The Total Tap is the only fully modular, custom configurable tap designed to serve from 2 to 48 subscribers.

By using the Total Tap, You have the ability to configure the tap plates and values the way You need to, to service your customers based on Your system design. No other tap in the industry gives You this flexibility.

The Total Tap is a completely new concept for the distribution of sig-nal from one central location to up to 48 different locations (sub- scribers).

The Total Tap features a precision die cast aluminum housing that has six tap cavities for the installation of six plug in tap plates to provide service for 2 to 48 locations (subscribers).

Each tap cavity can accept one of several types of 2, 4 or 8 port tap plates or blank plates. With this combination of options available in each of the six tap cavities, an almost unlimited range of configurations is available.

The Total Tap housing has a 5/8” entry fitting at each end so the tap can be used in several different configurations. The housing can be fed from one end and use a terminating plate in the last position. The housing can be fed from one end with the other end being an output. Or, the housing can be fed from both ends using terminating plates back to back.

Model# Model Description Quantity  

TXMT102-* (replace * with tap value)

Total Tap 2 Port Tap Plate Specifications