VidiPlay Complete End-to-End IPTV Solutions
  • VidiPlay Client is the middleware that works with Amino, LG & Android
  • IP settop boxes compatible with VidiPlay IPTV middleware include Amino, LG & Android

ATX Networks/Pico Digital: VidiPlay Complete End-to-End IPTV Solutions

VidiPlay™ is part of ATX’s complete end-to-end IPTV solutions for local or private IP networks. 

The system can include IP set-back boxes & Smart TV clients to deliver IP video to large format displays (TVs) as well as clients for PCs, tablets & mobile devices. VidiPlay also manages client authentication & access control, provides client UI customization and supports advanced features such as an interactive program guide (IPG), video on demand (VOD), network personal video recording (nPVR), digital signage & more. 

VidiPlay uses ATX’s award winning hardware such as gateways for live TV content ingest, encoders for local content and transcoders for additional video processing to build a comprehensive channel lineup for the local network. The VidiPlay IPTV solution adds many advanced features for content viewing & control.