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Cable Mapper & Toner - CM-8

Video Transcript: 

The Joanard CM-8 Cable Mapper and Toner is the quick and easy solution to troubleshoot and identify multiple coax cable. Fast and simple to use, the individually identified custom remotes allow you to track up to eight connections at a time. This kit can be used on Coax cables for: CATV satellite installations, audio/video equipment, CCTV, and security and alarm installations.

The CM-8 is designed to quickly find and identify multiple cables, and easily map runs to and from a central cable bundle. The kit includes: the cable mapper and toner, 8 cable identifiers, two alligator clip sets, Cordora case and instruction sheet. It features a built-in tone generator, auto power off setting, and a low-battery warning light. It’s powered by two three-volt CR 2032 batteries; it has a live-voltage detection indicator and has maximum DC cable resistance 100 OHMS. The CM-8 will test many solid, copper-center conductor cables up to 4,000 feet.

How To Use The CM-8 Cable Mapper And Toner

To use the Joanard CM-8 Cable Mapper and Toner, plug the numbered color-coded identifiers into a cable wall outlet. You can plug up to eight identifiers at a time into eight different outlets. Next, plug the cable mapper into the other end of the cable you're trying to identify and look at the screen. If there is voltage present, the voltage light will illuminate. Disconnect the tester from the cable and remove the voltage source before further testing.

If no voltage is found, push the test button, the red testing LED will flash quickly while the test is performed. An open or short red light indicates a problem with the cable and will need to be fixed before testing can continue. A green light from one of the numbered LED's indicates a good cable connection and identifies the cable. After identifying your cable or cables you can unplug the cable mapper and identifiers and plug them into other cables using the same process.

Additional Uses

The CM-8 Cable Mapper and Toner can put a tone on a cable which can help locate an open cable. To use the toner feature, simply push and hold the test button for three seconds until the tone LED lights red. The unit will now transmit tone on the center pin of the cable. The tone LED will flash indicating that tone mode is on. Using a tone receiver simply locate the other end of the cable.

The CM-8 Cable Mapper and Toner can also be used to locate unterminated speaker, alarm, security, and other various types of low voltage cable as well as unterminated Coax cable. First, connect the Coax F female alligator clip adapter with an identifier at the end of the adapter to the cable.  Next, clip the alligator clips to cable and connect the Coax F male alligator on the cable mapper. Press the test-button and the LED will eliminate.

Joanard Industries offers a full line of fiber-optic, CATV, and other popular hand tools. Be sure to check out our tools on the web or request our catalog. We thank you for choosing Joanard Industries; a technologically advanced manufacturer and your source for high-quality tools.

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