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CCW Show 2014 Preview - Toner Cable

Video Transcript: 

Hi, I’m Steve Deasy with Toner Cable Equipment and I’m back here in our engineering room. Right now we’re getting thing ready for the CCW show up in New York in just about three weeks. One of the things we’re going to be showing at the show, we’re rolling out a IP TV solution.

IP TV solution

What we have right now is we’re taking some of the AVSB of Vers from the Welve product were using IP Net, we’re bringing it into this brand new IP TV Set Top Box. We are the first ones to show this set top box in the states. It’s affordable, it more affordable than any other IP TV Set Top Box out there and has a lot more features than any other box that’s out there on the market today. So we’re going to be showing a live demo at this CCW shows that’s coming up.

Televes H30

This is the greatest signal level meter I’ve ever seen as long as I’ve been doing this business. Every installer that buys this from us, they love it, we don’t see it coming back. It’s a great quality meter. It gives you your MR, your BR, it does analog it does digital. It’s almost like a mini spectrum analyzer. Now it’s also available in Dox, provided that Dox is three system. We have H30 and the H30D3 which we will be demoing up at the show. This is more of a higher end type meter.


If you’re looking for something that a very inexpensive installer’s meter, we have the Deviser meter. This does analog and digital, it gives you a little quick reading on the product. It’s very affordable. We’ll also be demoing this up at the shows


A BT Pro 7000. It’s 4-2200 spectrum analyzer 7 inch touch screen meter. So it gives you your 4 to 1000 for CA TA options, and it gives you 950 to 2200 for your satellite That’s also going to be brand new at the show. It’s going to be a live demo on that product.

Welve UMA 160 R SDI

That product is already packed up and ready to head up to NY but I wanted to mention it to you. It’s taking your ATC’s in and giving you an HDSDI out. Great for broadcast solutions, it also does closed captioning. So that’s going to be demoed at the show as well.

Pico Macom Mini CMTS

On other feature is we’re going to have the Pico Macom Mini CMTS system up at the shows. This is a 16 bonded downstream CNTS system with 4 upstream channels. It’s very good fit for gated communities, private cable. That will be at the show along with the new DCM 476 Thompson Cable Modem. So we have this going on and Blondertongue is going to have a full rack of their latest toner that will be a live demo of this as well

The show is only two days; we’re going to have a lot of product in the booth to show you. So come by! Toner Cable will have in their booth #946 at CCW 2014 at the JACOB JAVITTS CONVENTION CENTER in New York City, Wednesday, 11/12, 9:00am - 6:00pm & Thursday, 11/13, 9:00am - 5:00pm.

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