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Elemental Conductor

Here is a video clip about Elemental Technologies Inc. video management system for file and live based delivery brought to you by Barry Lauer, their Federal Government Sales Manager.

Video Transcript:

Elemental Conductor, we’ve spoken a little bit about it in the fail over sense but not really much more than that. It is our single pane of glass for control. To put a number on the number of lives that it can, I think that we have test over 200 simultaneously connected to it.

If you were to have a bunch of lives deployed on a network, instead of hitting the IP address of every live node, you would just have them all reporting to the conductor and the conductor would then setup all of these lives for you. You would have node one, node two and you would set those up how you want to all from the conductor. So it will allow you to manage over a web browser all of these devices.

What it does is it does one second frame grabs from each of the streams that are outgoing so you can have this as some kind of confidence monitor right from a web browser. Obviously it’s not doing the full stream; it’s just confidence to let you know that it’s working. It has the audio monitoring meters right next to the video screen. If you wanted to watch the full motion, of course you could just hit the IP address of that particular live stream and watch it from there. Some people throw this up on like a 42 in monitor or something and just have all of those videos showing.

So when you get into two or more or three or more boxes, it’s very helpful to have this because this is going to control your fail over from node to node, it’s going to make the router calls so that it can do all of the switching for you if a fail over needs to happen. It pushes all of the XML’s to the different nodes that have all of the different profiles, how they were configured on the original unit or during a fail over and moves them to the back up. If an Ethernet port comes unplugged, it’ll let you know and send up all these alerts. You can put your email address in there and it will kick all of these alarms to you or to whoever is listed in the email address.

A lot of people can control these via whatever kind of control system whether it’s a CMS provider, or content management provider, or asset management or something else in the system. If you wanted to write your management system to control our management system, you can easily do that through the reft interface.

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