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Elemental Delta Multiscreen Video

Video Transcript:

The delta is an origin server and what it does is, if you look at this graph down here, you have the player on the right and we are sending the encoded files, in a live scenario, to the delta. The player clicks on that link and the Elemental Delta says, “You’re a so and so player, I’m going to send you this stream.” And the delta is the one making the smart decisions.

Alright, I’ve got all of these streams coming from the live, how do you want me to deliver them to you. It’s called just in time packaging. We will wrap those on the fly to deliver to the appropriate device.

Some of the other things that the delta can do, nPVR so scrubbing through the video. If you’re watching a live video, I can do catch up. I can scroll all the way back to the beginning and start from the beginning.

Here’s where the delta is, it’s in between the encoders and the devices. So in our encoders, we’re sending this set of streams at different bit rates. This is your ABR. We’re sending it from a 5Mbps down to a 600kbps stream. We’re sending AAC and Dolby Digital. All of these are going to the delta. They’re just being forced into the delta. So the delta says, “Alright, I’ve got 5 streams, now I have the capability to deliver them to any device.” I can create rules in the delta that says if this type of device hits, this is what I want to deliver it. If this type of device clicks on me or wants video, this is what I want to deliver.

A set top box or connected TV wants to watch something, the delta is going to say, “That’s a Samsung TV, I’m going to deliver it a 1080p stream, at the maximum 5 Mbps that I have, and I’m going to include AAC Stereo along with Dolby Digital because a set top box and connected TV can play Dolby Digital.”

Now, what it will deliver is HLS + PlayReady, the DRM. And it’s going to send those four videos, the two audios and because this is connected TV, it’s going to chop it up in 2 second segments. So it’s going to be constantly looking for the best bit rate and constantly be checking because you’ve got really good through put.

Now when we go to a PC or a Mac, I’m going to still send it the 1080p at 5 but I’m not going to send it the Dolby Digital because your laptop isn’t Dolby Digital capable. And, I’m going to send it HDS, or Flash, and it’s going to have their Access DRM. So it’s doing all of this, real time, just in time packaging for all of these different devices.

The same with android and iOS. It’s going to send it with HLS PlayReady. It’s not going to send it the 1080p because you can’t tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on a phone. It’s not going to send it Dolby Digital because your phone isn’t capable of decoding that. And it’s going to be 10 second segments instead of 2 seconds, so that your phone is not constantly on 3G or 4G, using up all of your data etc.

Now all of these guys can talk to the delta, meaning that, for protection you can use YVine. We’ve got those capabilities; they know how to talk to delta. They use our API that we present. We use Microsoft PlayReady, any of these DRM providers we can use.

Ad insertion, so delta supports ad insertion. When our live encodes, we can take a scuddy 104 and convert it to a scuddy 35 and so we don’t lose the ad insertion points. The delta can then, with different ad insertion tools, put those ads in, ad replacements, blank out those ads if we want to.

These are just some of the storage providers. We really don’t care whose storage you connect us to. If it speaks in FS or SIFFS or even Quantum Stornex File System we will speak to. There’s a bunch of different middle-ware providers that will create a web page. They do the whole thing where they know, it’s called asset management, where all the assets live, what format they’re in; it’s kind of the big system behind the scenes that makes all of these systems work.

 And anybody can write to our delta. If they’ll write to our delta’s API, they can use it in their workflows.  

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Mailing List

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