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Emcore HD 4

This informational video brought to you by Todd Kellison, Regional Sales Manager at the Emcore Corporation. He will briefly go over the Emcore HD 4 encoder and decoder product.

Video Transcript:

I’m going to tell you about our new encoder and decoder product that we call the HD4. So it’s a very nice, very high quality and very cost effective encoder. For the price point of this encoder, you won’t find a better quality encoder product.

We use h.264 encoding and decoding in this product. And with any IPTV Systems, you can configure it anyway you want to. You can distribute video over an existing land or you can use a dedicated IP Network and it’s much more cost effective than doing video distribution other ways. It has the ability to detect all of the units in the network so you can switch and control the encoders and decoders from the same UI. It is broadcast quality video. We have an adjustable bit range all the way from 256 Kbps up to 30 Mbps. It goes up to 1080p/60. We also do computer graphics. There are 3 different latency settings. 80 ms, this will be in the encoder, so we will have 80 ms encoding latency in this product. Typically we see that used in your live type systems, government, military, those kinds of applications, they want to have the lowest latency possible. We do have either a fiber gigabit interface or copper gigabit interface. So you can use either one.

For our audio encoding and decoding, we use MPEG 1 Layer 2 & AAC-LC audio. The HDMI does support the embedded PCM audio. On the decoder, we have the ability to de-embed the first two stereo channels in the HDMI input. We do have scaling so you can select whatever output you want. You can upscale or downscale with the decoder. The encoder side we support the HDMI, VGA, and also component video. The encoder has the ability to auto-detect the video resolution. There is nowhere to select say, “I’ve got 1080p coming in,” because the encoder automatically does that. You don’t have to go through and setup anything really on the encoder except the streaming type, uni-cast or multi-cast. We do use all three profiles of encoding depending on what your bit rate is.

You can actually use them at the same time, the encoder and decoder in the same box. So you can do a bi-directional system over your IP network. The other thing, in our UI, we have an app that actually allows you, without really doing a lot of setup, you can go in and auto-detect every unit that is on the network. We have a little app that it runs and will pull up every IP address in the network. And you can control everything from one WebUI. We are working on just a couple of rack mount kits for these boxes. Either, maybe, some type of a shelf like this where you can mount them vertical or horizontal. You can do like 8 or 9 in a 4U type shelf or maybe a couple in a 1U shelf.

Just a couple of applications that I’ve kind of already mentioned like a video conferencing application because you can do bi-directional in the same boxes. They do a lot of board rooms and conference rooms. Now, these days, the industry is really moving away from dedicated, proprietary video distribution with matrix. And so, if you can have an IP network where you can distribute your video, it’s much more cost effective, it’s easier, you can use your existing infrastructure, you don’t have to change anything and these kinds of boxes are perfect for that.


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