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Quick Look at the Infomir MAG254-255 IPTV Settop Box - Toner Cable

Features of the MAG254-255 are highlighted in the brief video.  Engineer Ted Tozzi explains the benefits of this affordable IPTV settop box, including, MPEG2/4 SD & HD, UPnP, Free Middleware, Time Shift, and Record & Playback.

Toner Cable offers a quick look at the Infomir MAG254-255 IPTV Settop Box. Available at Toner Cable

Video Transcript:

Toner Cable here, going over the MAG254 and MAG255. Both boxes are fully featured IPTV settops that are ready to go out of the box.

Each has a standard RJ-45 input connector and HDMI output connection to be connected to your TV. The settop also has a composite video and audio output connection as well as an IR remote connection.

It comes with a fully featured remote control and a virtual keyboard. The settop comes with its own basic middle ware as you can see on the screen allowing users to use it without having to get engineering support to set it up. A channel list can be easily entered or imported from a USB stick or server or downloaded from the web if available.

The settop has two USB ports for viewing content or even recording a playback of content. Here is the home media feature, the USB stick and the video that's present on the USB stick. You can see that there's YouTube, a photo application Picasa, some games, a weather application and a record manager which allows you to setup recording for your content. Weather, games and most importantly a full, easy to use user guide are also included in the settop.

The MAG254 is an open source settop meaning integrators can develop and utilize their own middle ware if so desired. The MAG255, which is a sister box, is not an open source but it's ported with verimatrix DRM, or Digital Rights Management, to secure content on the network.

And you can see that we have an IPTV channel widget, which allows you to go in and view the IPTV channel list that has been built and defined. You can see that we've built several off air services and turned them into IP streams using basic RTP addressing.

It's very easy to install and deploy channel maps on the box and update and service the channel maps.

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