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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Test Headend - Custom Headends from Toner Cable

This custom headend will be installed in a lab environment for testing of Cable Modems, settop boxes, and all other types of equipment that would be deployed in a Cable TV system.  All headends are racked, swept and tested to ensure reliability.

Bob Jenkins Shows us a custom built headend by Toner Cable. This headend was designed to be use in a testing environment.

Video Transcript:

Good Morning, my name is Bob Jenkins, I'm with Toner Cable Equipment and today I would like to talk a little about custom built headends from Toner Cable Equipment.

Here, we're looking at one of the headends we currently are in build with one of our larger customers. This headend will be deployed in a lab environment and allow them to do testing for settop boxes, cable modems, and any other devices they plan to deploy in their cable TV system.

As you can see some of the work we do here at Toner Cable, we dress up our cables very nicely. We use velcro ties and we have every cable labeled for ease of use with the customer. As we scroll around and look at some of the other things we're doing in the rack, you could see we have a larger, wider rack here so that we can house other equipment that will not fit in the main body of the rack but allow us to do additional cabling for additional testing on some of the gear that they have.

And on this particular rack we're doing front and back layouts that are pretty identical to each other. In the middle of each one of our shelves, you'll see all of our cables here labeled and ready to go for the devices they plan to put in here to do some of the testing that they have to do.

And we also put in recording for them as well as encoding so that they can run this through their IP System and do their testing. So anyway, this is one of the many types of racks we are building here at Toner Cable. And I hope you got a little out of this and you like the way in what you've seen here in the way we're dressing them up. Hopefully we can assist you in the future on any headend build you may have.

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Mailing List

To receive additional news and product information from Toner Cable please submit your email address: