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Tresent IPQ1000 Handheld MPEG Analyzer

Joe Dechamp, CTO and President of Tresent Technologies provides an overview of the new IPQ's features. Portable and easy to use touch screen.

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Joe Dechamp. I’m CTO and President of Tresent Technologies and today I’m going to demonstrate the IPQ1000.  It’s a handheld MPEG Analyzer. As you can see, it’s very portable.

It has ASI as well as Ethernet inputs. So you can loop the content through any problem areas in your network and the Ethernet ports will go into promiscuous mode, which will show you every transport stream on that cable. It’s a five inch LCD touch screen. So, you can see, you can do ASI as well as IP simultaneously as well as multiple IP streams.

It handles unicast as well as multicast using IGMP. It has record and playback capabilities with an internal 256GB hard drive comes standard with the unit. We have a decoder, it decodes MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, closed captioning decode of 608 as well as 708. It has audio codex for AC3, AAC. It has internal speakers so you can hear the sound; it also has the bars so you can see it. It has electronic program guide information for ATSC.

For the tables, it has standard tables for MPEG. You can traverse the tables through the touch screen. It has bandwidth for every PID as well as every program stream. So you can see multiple bandwidth calculations. It has PCR, both the measurements as well as alarms. Alarms are based on ATSC A/78 as well as TR-101-290. Each of those are individually selectable. You can turn them on and off. There’s alarm logging available through the website or webpage or through a USB connection.

Updates are easily done through a USB on the go on the bottom of the unit. You can mount a standard flashdrive to do updates, you can also connect that port to a PC and it will mount just like a flashdrive to your PC where you can copy transport stream files on and off the unit.

 It comes standard with a 2 year warranty, part tend labor. Thank you for your time.

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Mailing List

To receive additional news and product information from Toner Cable please submit your email address: